Vale of Glamorgan Council 

All of these meetings have a public viewing area and take place at the Civic Offices on Holton Road.

You do not need to register at all, you can just show up anytime however the public are there to observe only. Some meetings do allow questions from the public but these need to be submitted before the meeting. Ask the council about this or email your local councillor.

Full Council Meetings and Planning Meetings are live streamed on the internet.

Please visit at the time of the meeting and you will be directed to the council streaming page.

Whenever possible, Beautiful Barry will post a summary of each Full Council Meeting and Planning Meeting on our facebook group.



Planning Committee

The way planning meetings work are a little more unexpected than normal council meetings. First, the councillors who make up the committee have to first and foremost abide by Planning Law. This means when looking at a development they cannot object simply because they might not like it or they’ve had lots of letters about it. Any concerns about a development need to be within planning law and what is best for the Vale of Glamorgan.

When someone applies for planning permission the Council must publish this information locally and give a period where the public can submit comments on the applitcation. This is called the Consultation.

Planning officers will guide the applicants as best as they can so that everything can be considered by the committee properly. In some cases, the committee may visit the site to better establish how the changes will look.

At the planning meeting the officers will make a recommendation for approval or rejection and give their case for their recommendation. Councillors can ask questions about the application which will be answered either by the officers or the applicant if they are present at the meeting.

In some cases, the applicant will be present to give a summary of the application and members of the public can also register to speak on the application. Councillors who are not on the planning committee can also speak, representing the ward where they are elected.

The planning committee then vote for or against the application and planning permission is either granted or refused. If it is refused the applicant may appeal.

This website has more helpful information about the planning process