Beautiful Barry Website launches

Welcome to our new site and thanks for visiting. The website is actually still under development but we thought it was time to have our own dedicated site separate from the No Barry Incinerator pages. You can still find the incinerator site from our main menu.

What’s in store?

  • Bridging the gap between the authorities and the public

This will largely be information about the Vale council and lesser so, Barry Town Council. Many folks struggle to understand how these councils work and how to engage with them at various levels. 

We think we can help with that.

  • A home for all of the local events

Barry and the surrounding area has a wide range of events throughout the year. Some of them are large and well-established and some of them are very small and run on a shoe string. We’d like to help them all and have them listed on our site and then shared at the appropriate time on our twitter page. You can add your event either by sharing it on our facebook group or email as much detail as you can to

  • Launch of our photo club – Barry Clicks

It’s been very obvious to us that people in Barry like to take photos and share them but some people fall under the category of “I don’t think I’m good enough”. Barry Clicks is a friendly new club with no joining fees or age restrictions where we will arrange an outdoors meet-up and learn from each other.

The best part is you don’t need an expensive camera. In fact as long as you have something that takes a photo and you can carry it around then that’s good enough for us. This club is more for the love of taking photos than displaying professional images. There will not be any club meetings as such and images by the members will be displayed on the Barry Clicks website, assuming the member is happy with the photo of course!

A bright future

If you have a great idea and you think Beautiful Barry could help with then please get in touch and let us know or why not join us and help out directly?

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