Positive community action to keep Barry Beautiful

This whole project is run entirely by local volunteers.
If you would like to get involved, just let us know. 


The Docks Incinerator Action Group who have been campaigning against the biomass plant since 2008 – read the latest…

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Join our camera club and come and take some great pics with your SLR, your phone camera or whatever you have that clicks!

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We want to support all good causes and family events in the area, many of which many people miss out on.

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Latest Council News

Over the summer months VOG have run a consultation over the proposed car parking changes across the vale. We await the results of this consultation and the next stage.


A group of local residents who want to spread the positive vibe around the town helping each other and all the great causes in and around Barry.

Early 2017 the original members of DIAG quickly realised what a huge and positive impact we had on the community. We instantly knew that we could turn our attention to other things beyond the battle against the incinerator.

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A few things we’re great at


You would not believe how therapeutic cleaning up a beach or a park is and of course the end result is the place looks so much better and sets a great example to others.


It’s easy to miss the council notices and even easier to be completely baffled by them!
We’re here to let you know what’s going on and how to get involved with local decisions.


There are lots of smaller groups and events that take place but don’t get the exposure they deserve. We’d like to showcase some of Barry’s hidden gems.


Got a little gig or something going on that everyone needs to know about? Just give us a message and we’ll spread the word on our website and social media.

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Our Facebook group is open to everyone who loves Barry and wants to come and celebrate everything about the largest town in Wales!

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